Interactive Membership Card
Mechanical Design | Graphic Design

3D printable membership card for Makers UIUC members, with a rotating gear and easy customization for personalized names.

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Autonomous Quadcopter
Product Design | Mechatronics

Designed the hardware for the lastest IFM quadcopter,reducing weight by 20% and increasing flight time by 80% compared to the previous model.

Adjustable Dog Brace
Product Design | Surface Modeling

Developed a brace for dogs with torn ligaments that are unable to undergo surgery. The design is breathable, lightweight, and easily customizable. Its adjustability helps prevent muscle atrophy that occurs when rigid braces are used.

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"Booty" Compact Card Holder
Product Design | User-Centered Design

Booty is a minimalist card holder that can be attached to any article of clothing and doesn't require pockets. It is discrete, comfortable, and can hold up to three standard cards.

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Disaster Relief Shelter
Mechanical Design | Finite-Element Analysis

A lightweight, compact and inexpensive shelter solution for disaster relief efforts in developing countries. The shelter can be assembled without tools, and includes a rainwater collection and filtration mechanism.

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"Zinger" Golf Ball Return
Mechanical Design | Design for Manufacturing

The Zinger is a voice activated ball return device that can be installed on any golf course, launching a ball vertically when a key phrase is spoken.

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Detachable Skates
Product Design | Quality Function Deployment

This mechanism is placed between the boot and wheels of a skate, allowing the user to quickly remove their wheels and walk into buildings, classrooms, etc. It is compatible with skates using the UFS standard.

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Space Sim Keyboard Emulator
Mechanical Design | Circuit Design

A prototype keyboard emulator for a space simulator, mapping flight controls to toggle switches and push buttons.

Watchfire Signs Protective Carts
Mechanical Design | Manufacturing

Designed two pairs of carts to safely transport digital billboards to trade shows. Both carts are made primarily of welded 1010 steel and plywood.

Truss Design
Mechanical Design

Designed a truss that could support 5,800 lbs, and was awarded 1st place for the highest load/weight ratio of 290.

Watchfire Signs Digital Billboard
Mechanical Design

Assisted with design of Watchfire's largest sign to date, now located on I-90/94 in Chicago.

Walking Robot
Mechanical Design | Dynamic Force Analysis

A hexapedal walking robot that uses multiple gear trains to transmit power from a single motor.